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Blockade - Interstellar Cargo Transport And Navigation

Blockade 1.1 is on the horizon, check out the beta and more info here.

The mighty crime Syndicate needs a navigator to move cargo and passengers in the quarantined Angelhill sector, and you're it!

Space freighter captains will rely on you to safely load their ships and send them on their way! Load the cargo. Leave the area through a jump gate. It's simple.

For fans of line drawing games or space and spacey stuff - *Blockade - ICTN* - is here to redefine the genre and blow your mind, with stunning graphics and brilliant gameplay dynamics.

Take a look at the trailer and screenshots to get a feel for the game!

Download a 2048px wide Blockade wallpaper!

Blockade - One Day Beard
Checkout the Blockade Trailer on YouTube

From the game


Keep your ships safe!


Steer clear!


Deal with the convoy


Avoid the patrols!


Manage the central hub!


Sacrifice one, so others may escape!


Beware the mines


Time your routes


Navigate tight corridors




- Brave the Blockade by Galactic Authorities: Join the fight for freedom - or are you just in it for the money?
- Rise to the challenge: Unlock new missions by securing shipments
- Escape the law: Police will try to stop your ships and take your cargo...
- Think about the economy: Ships are valuable. Do not crash!
- Avoid obstacles: Secret Weapons, Mines, Asteroids
- Overcome your limitations: Fight time and stress! Become the best Navigator!
- Play it again: 8 unique missions ensure countless hours of gameplay

Game Features

- Engaging storyline
- Beautiful space environments
- Mesmerizing special effects
- Unique ship designs
- Smooth gameplay
- Autosave -> Game saves if you receive a call, or just want to check your e-mail
- Fast-forward button -> Warp time, if you are that good!
- Compete with other Navigators on Game Center (coming soon)
- Unlock 18 Achievements!

What others are saying

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The simple truth of the matter is that if you’re looking for a good looking, captivating and challenging line drawing game, you should get the Blockade app.
Blockade is a challenging new entry for line drawing titles and genre fans will definitely not be disappointed.
...players prepared to put a little effort in will find a rack of intelligently designed and utterly replayable missions – a surprise title, seemingly out of nowhere.
Scott Johnson's new favorite game in the line drawing genre!
It does become addictive and the kind of game where you say to yourself ’just one more game’.
Blockade gameplay video recorded by TheGameTrail.com

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Blockade introduces an entirely new universe, called Angelhill.

As you complete the missions, more and more of the story is revealed and you are engulfed in the mystery of Angelhill.

This is a story over 10 years in the making, that is finally given form!


Fun facts

- Real time clock in Pause menu
- 2 great music tracks, or listen to your iTunes music
- Game progress, saved games and statistics stored in individual user profiles
- User profiles can be stored online
Blockade - One Day Beard

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